Cutting cutter Secabo T60 II with tracking LAPOS Q

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The new cutting T60 II with new features modern cutter. The new cutter of the T series is equipped with an innovative technology, with controlled circuits and servo-motors that make it even faster and more accurate, the new automatic tracking LAPOS Q multi markers with automatic detection system of benchmarks for precise cutting of the edges of the previously printed sheets, and automatic detection of the width of the media to be cut. With a width of up to 63cm cutting, it is able to work on materials up to 72 cm wide. It is ideal for cutting a variety of materials, such as vinyl, flex, flock, stencils, cardboard and paper... His strong stand with roller door. Comfortable keyboard and its large backlit display with large keys allow easy use of the T60 II cutter. It is provided with a solid stand with door roller and basket of reception as well as devices PRO software, which offers many options such as automatic vectorization, the preparation of automated cutting, and many effect for your layout: outline, shading, curved.


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Cutting cutter Secabo T60 II with tracking LAPOS Q

Cutting cutter Secabo T60 II with tracking LAPOS Q

Cutting cutter Secabo T60 II with tracking LAPOS Q


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